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Real-time visibility enhancement software solutions

Our company has developed a proprietary real-time video enhancement software library with advanced features that is capable of revealing scene objects under constrained visibility conditions in camera-based systems. This can greatly assist in visual detection and identification of relevant objects in the presence of a wide variety of obscurants within the camera view, such as haze, fog, haze, smog, smoke, rain, or snow.

Overcoming risks and impacts of poor visibility

There are many industries, where camera-based systems play a crucial role, and for which adverse visibility conditions can have a detrimental effect on daily operations by imposing a significant security and/or economic impact. Among others, surveillance of a certain area, an infrastructure or remote objects is a key example of such operations, for which bad visibility can potentially have a serious hindering factor. With our software-based approach we can provide a solution for entities who encounter these issues, in this way the underlying risks and impacts they are exposed to can be well mitigated.

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Versatile applicability and integration

Our software-based visibility enhancement can be utilized in a broad range of scenarios, settings. These include aerial and maritime environments and operations, with both fixed and moving platforms. The software's image processing engine can be incorporated into server- and desktop-based configurations, as well as into small-sized, embedded solutions. Our software development library has been designed in a way so that it would allow for a streamlined integration into vastly differing products.

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