Visibility enhancement in dark conditions

Sep 5th, 2022

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Original (left) vs. processed (right) video frame at night

Our development team at Thexovision is actively working on adding new features to our software library. Poor visibility can be caused not only by some obscurant media like haze or fog, but also dusk/night illumination conditions can present a challenge for regular, visible spectral range cameras. We recently had test sessions within a marine environment where the capabilities of our software was demonstrated in such settings. According to our experience, with some alteration in our already existing algorithm profiles by specifically gearing them towards dark scene input, a significant improvement can be achieved with cameras that are capable of good signal-to-noise performance.

This upcoming feature of our software will add visibility enhancement in dark illumination settings in otherwise clear visibility conditions, so that a visible spectral range camera could be used effectively for night vision with low exposure times and without any active illumination. This feature could be complementary to IR-based night vision, and might be even preferable in certain situations, where high image resolution is needed or a thermal IR signature does not provide adequate information on the imaged objects.

Thexovision is going to conduct further tests at dusk and night time for optimizing visibility enhancement in such situations and according to our plans this feature will be rolled out in a near-future software release.

Thexovision is now a Milestone Technology Partner

Apr 25th, 2022

THEXOVISION LTD. is pleased to announce that it has recently become a Milestone Technology Partner. This will allow Thexovision to introduce its real-time visibility enhancement technology into a wide variety of camera-based surveillance systems deployed across the globe that are built upon Milestone's industry-leading Video Management System (VMS). Thexovision has been part of the Milestone Technology Partner Program since April 4th, 2022, and it is going to cooperate with Milestone in integrating its solution to Milestone XProtect® VMS. This software application is planned to be released at Milestone Marketplace.

Milestone Systems is a global leader in Video Management Systems (VMS) providing scalable IP-based video management solutions for organizations of all sizes. Milestone Systems was founded in 1998, and since 2014 it has been a stand-alone company in the Canon Group. The Milestone Technology Partner Program is a program for vendors who offer applications, devices, hardware, and services capable of complementing the Milestone XProtect® video management platform. The partner program has been designed for assisting in the building, verifying and marketing of such technology offerings.

Milestone XProtect® VMS
Built upon a true, open platform, XProtect® VMS enables integration with the industry’s widest choice in cameras and best-in-class business solutions, such as access control and video analytics. Milestone XProtect® VMS supports more than 10,000 cameras and hardware devices, it is a powerful, easy-to-use system, which has proven its capabilities and reliabiliy in more than 500,000 customer installations worldwide. Milestone Systems’ solutions are available in most countries around the world, with regional offices and sales representatives in more than 25 countries.

Thexovision and Milestone

“We are delighted to have been enlisted as a technology partner of Milestone Systems, a world-leading company in VMS integration. We very much look forward to this cooperation, under which we will have the opportunity to deliver Thexovision's unique visibility enhancement technology to the security industry through their global network.”

explains Milán Tresch, Business Development Manager of Thexovision.

As a technology partner, Thexovision will be able to leverage Milestone's world-wide marketing channels and resources. In this way new and existing Milestone customers will be able to benefit of having an improved vision in live security camera feeds that were impaired by poor visibility conditions due to haze, fog or other obscurants, along with Milestone’s scalable video control, recording and management solutions.

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